Comic 1 - The Four of us are Dying

The Four of us are Dying
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Author Notes:

Baladeva 11.1.2010 edit delete
This would be the title page, done in an abstract-symbolism very similar to artwork from 'The Slip', a NineInchNails album. From here on out though it's stick-figures as far as the eye can see...

'The Four of us are Dying', named for a NIN song, was a concept that came into mind one night when I was quite determined not to sleep. As such I began doodling pages of stick-figures, four in particular, and their journey through a strangely quiet hell. Purgatory would be a better word, perhaps.

What you see here is the final edit, and there will only be 21 pages. So this ends in three weeks, naturally.

I'm really hoping for feedback on this! Even if it's just stick-men and strangeness... Here's to hoping I guess.

I won't be saying anything more after this post, so I apologize for my length. Just want to get the explanation outta the way.




Ralph 12.1.2010 edit delete reply
this is such an amazing idea. You've got me hooked!