Comic 23 - End of Line

End of Line
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Author Notes:

Baladeva 1.2.2010 edit delete
This would be the end, and I don't plan on having a continuation. I'm writing this now back at the beginning, on January 12. I'm honestly in awe at how much immediate interest this has gotten. I hope that this hasn't built up a bunch of expectations and then let anyone down; honestly I came up with this at random one night and finished it all in a matter of hours, so I'm not expecting anyone to really like it once it's played itself through.

As I've mentioned, I'd appreciate shared thoughts from readers. I'm reading comments while the comic is going, but after that y'all can contact me either through email or on my other comic[s]. Preliminary thanks to those who gave this good ratings and good attention for while it was going~



Xenrin 1.2.2010 edit delete reply
Well it was good while it lasted!
I guess I now have to move it down to the "Finished" section of my Links page... :|
Em Kultra
It probably would have gotten boring if it had gone on for too long anyways. Good one shot!